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on a wait list in the event of cancellations.

(If you are unable to attend after signing up, please let us know so that

someone may take your spot.)


"The Essentials of Paper"

a 90 minute hands on presentation on Strathmore

Drawing and Watercolor Papers presented by

Kristina Carroll, Artist Educator for Strathmore

Artist Papers

Sunday, April 9 at 1:30pm


This free presentation will focus on how

understanding a paper's fiber, weight, texture,

surface, grade and permanency affect an artist's

choice and usage of fine art paper. Attendees

participate in hands-on exercises, using a

selection of papers and drawing materials. The

goal of the presentation is to provide information

to help artists select the right papers for their

medium and techniques.

The presentation will cover all aspects of fine art

drawing papers including:

History of Writing Surfaces: parchment

to papyrus to paper

History of Paper: from China to Europe

How Paper is Made: past and present

Handmade paper vs. Machine made paper

Components of Paper: fiber, watermark, surface

texture, sizing, weight, permanence.

Environmentally friendly papers and alternative


Types of Paper: newsprint, sketching,

drawing, bristol, illustration, charcoal, pastel,

watercolor, mixed-media

Grades of Paper: student, artist, professional

Paper Storage


Attendees will receive FREE:


Strathmore papers & literature, selection of

drawing materials and a watercolor brush.


FREE. Limited to 25. No walk-ins please.


preregistration required, to register please




About the Presenter: Kristina Carroll is an

illustrator and fine artist who resides in

Boston, MA. She received her BFA from the

School of the Visual Arts and has also

studied with Donato Giancola in Brooklyn,

New York. Kristina has taught a variety of

illustration and painting courses at the New

Hampshire Institute of Art and currently

teaches Illustration at the New England

School of Art & Design. She specializes in

fantasy illustration and has worked for

clients such as Wizards of the Coast,

Realms of Fantasy and Fantasy Flight

Games. She was awarded the Bronze Medal

Illustration West in 2011 and was a finalist

in the 2013 Art Renewal Center Salon. She

was also included in the Leurzer's Archive

of 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide. Her

work can be seen at



























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