"Exploring Intuitive Abstract Painting"

A 6-week VIRTUAL Class 

Instructor: Kelley MacDonald

Thursdays 9:30AM-12:30PM, Beginning October 22nd (no class Novemeber 26)

$150 Members, $195 Nonmembers

Have you ever drooled over the gorgeous abstract type paintings on Instagram?  Ever wondered if it would be right for you?  In this 6 week class held REMOTELY, we will let you dip your toe into the many different styles that are ‘Intuitive’.  By letting go of the intellectual part of painting – until the very end, we will allow the creativity that IS within each of us burn bright.  Using layer upon layer of marks, texture and paint we will create a history unique to each of our paintings.  Although it sounds easy and honestly we hear often that ‘My 6 year old can do that’, the truth is that it is much more difficult for an artist to build an intuitive painting.  I will demonstrate, and walk you through the construction of delicious layering, and we will enjoy each other’s journey via remote learning.  There will be a small amount of homework – and you can get out of this as much or as little as you want. All levels welcome.


Paints (Acrylic)

  • Warm and cool of red, yellow and blue (example Lemon and Cad Medium Yellow, Cad Red Light and Rose, Ultramarine and Pthalo Blue, plus Mars Black and LOTS of White – I am using mostly GESSO from a tub, with some Titanium White for the last stage) and any of your favorite colors of paint – have them handy!z

Canvases (or boards)

  • Multiple canvases – some small 12x12 inches, up to 24x24

Mark making tools

  • All kinds of charcoal are ok, from vine charcoal to hard charcoal, drawing pencils, watercolor pencils, colored pencils, graphite of any kind, oil sticks (for the top layer), neocolor II sticks, any colors you like, really any type of mark maker you like


Additional Supplies:

  • Small, medium and large palette knives

  • Old credit cards, scrapers, any type of tool that will slather and or cut through wet paint.

  • Biggest brushes you can get, from housepaint brushes, to large chip brushes, a liner or thin writing brush for small calligraphy type marks, lots of cheap big brushes in different sizes

  • Soft Gel Medium

  • Buckets for water, towels, paper towels.

  • Easel


"ZoomTown: Art Adventures for Kids"

A 6-week VIRTUAL Class 

Instructor: Sally Dean

Tuesdays 4:00PM - 5:30PM, November 3rd - December 8th

$125 Members, $170 Nonmembers

Join Sally for simple and fun drawing, coloring and watercolor sessions! Draw from your imagination. Make your doodles come to life! Learn how to simplify what you see. This class is supposed to be fun and inspire you to draw! Simple step by step instructions will be offered, and individuality is encouraged. Ages 8 and up. 

Required Supplies:

  • Computer or iPad with zoom App

  • Plain drawing or printer paper

  • Pencil

  • Eraser

  • Fine line permanent marker or black ball point pen.

  • Markers, watercolors and brushes and or colored pencils

  • An open mind and imagination!

Suggested (Optional) Supplies:

157 Old Main Street

P.O.Box 307

Marshfield Hills, MA 02051

781 837 8091

office hrs:  Tuesday/Thursday 11am-2pm

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