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The Pastel Landscape  w/Laurinda O'Connor

All levels welcome!

Mon. 9:30AM -12:30 PM

session 1: Sept. 16 - Oct. 28 (no class Oct. 14) 

session 2: Nov. 4 - Dec. 16 (no class Nov. 11) 

6 weeks



Create beautiful paintings using soft pastels while working from photographs of landscapes. Students will express themselves with their own style as we interpret our scene through composition, gesture, value, mark making, and different underpainting techniques. Laurinda will demonstrate and/or introduce exercises to help loosen up and let go of our photograph as well as offer plenty of individual instruction. Students must bring their own supplies including paper and soft pastels as well as photographic references.

All levels are welcome!  

supply list


Watercolor Painting  w/Mary Callahan

for beginner/intermediate

Tues. 2 - 5PM

session 1: Sept. 17 - Oct. 22

session 2: Nov. 5 - Dec. 10 

6 weeks



This popular course will first provide the necessary fundamentals, then explore the many techniques of watercolor. Work from still life set ups, photos, or from your imagination.Emphasis on color and design, with the goal of creating an organized emotional statement. 


Bird Carving

Carve a Lifesize Eastern Bluebird w/Kevin Dunn

Tuesday evenings  7-9PM 

October 8 - December 10       10 weeks



Prior bird carving experience is highly recommended.  Instructions include shaping and texturing and painting. Power tools are used but hand tools may also be used. 

Contact Kevin Dunn 781 837 3786 with questions.


Modern Painting w/Nancy Colella   FULL

Tuesdays   9:30 -12:30PM

Nov. 12 - Dec.17     6 weeks  



This class is designed for the artist who is interested in exploring ways to create more modern, bold and expressive paintings by taking a less representational approach.

While retaining a bit of reality we will explore ways to manipulate the abstract elements of line, shape, color and value to express an unexpected idea or statement. Through a series of quick fun exercises we will learn how to "break the rules" and let intuition guide us.

We will work from still life and/or photos.

All mediums welcome.

Oil Painting w/Margaret McWethy

for advanced/intermediate

Wed. 9:30AM-12:30PM

Sept. 18 - Nov. 20

10 weeks





Drawing 1 Basic Drawing Techniques w/Marion Carlson

for beginner/intermediate

Wed. 1PM-3PM

Sept. 18 - Nov. 6

8 weeks



Learn to express your thoughts on paper. Exercises and projects are designed to inspire and motivate students to discover unexpected skills through sensory awareness. Learned skills form the core of a good drawing. Participate in a series of exercises that will provide the tools to create a successful drawing. Learn application of line, shading, texture, contrast and the use of negative space.

Have fun while creating finished drawings.

A material list will be provided on the first class.


The Accidental Masterpiece w/Ed Chesnovitch

for advanced/intermediate

Thur. 9AM-1PM

session 1: Sept.19 - Oct. 24

session 2: Nov. 7 - Dec. 19 

6 weeks



Striving for perfection leads to paralysis! Let go and allow your art to take place without preconceived notions. The journey an artist strives for is to arrive at a place where discoveries happen. Leave your comfort zone, and enter a world of exciting and expressive painting. Give yourself permission to play! This class will focus on paintings that have light, color and attitude! Working on various exercises , we will explore shapes, edges, patterns of light and dark, positive and negative space, bold vs. neutral color, underpainting techniques, and fearless mark making to push your paintings further. Learn to simplify your approach, and develop a personal style where happy accidents are welcome! Individual attention and group discussions of student work and contemporary painting practices. ALL MEDIUMS, and mixed media welcome. You bring the supplies you want to work with. Any questions, contact Ed at ecart@comcast.net


Painting from Photos w/Dianne Panarelli Miller

Fridays 9:30AM-12:30PM

Sept. 27 - Nov. 15

8 weeks



Ever take a photo that you wanted to paint?

A portrait, still life, seascape, landscape?

come to this class and learn how to take a photo and make it into a painting on any size canvas, any medium.

Just bring what you have and Dianne will help you get the results your looking for.