Exploring Abstract Painting

with Kelley Carey MacDonald Thurs 9:30am-12:30pm April 1 - May 13

  • Started Apr 1
  • $165M $210NM
  • Online Class


Abstract painting can be the most exciting – and demanding type of painting! If you have always loved abstract paintings, but have a feeling producing a good one is more than slinging paint… join us for an exploration in abstracts! Using acrylic paint we will do a warm up exercise each class, followed by a slideshow peek at some paintings curated from Instagram. This will be followed by a deep dive into Intuitive painting and more. We will be looking at paintings that are bold, decisive and intentional. No abstract painting background is necessary for this class. This session will see us exploring Intuitive Abstracts and much more – some of the things we will work on are Repetitive Shapes, Stencils, Working Towards Simplicity, and Color, Color, Color. We will try using stencils, repetitive shapes, black and white with scraps of color, and the ultimate challenge: simplicity. Put your Brave Boots on and enroll today! Be prepared to work on 2 or more canvases per session!

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