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Intuitive Abstract Painting Workshop

w/Kelley Mac Donald

1 day workshop

Saturday, January 25, 10AM - 4PM



Treat yourself to an introduction to a liberating, dig-deep style of painting, where your creative self can shine.  In this workshop we will discover the process of building upon shapes, line, value and creativity to produce an abstract painting that is strong and uniquely you.

It is often said that ‘anyone can slap paint on a surface and make an abstract – even a child’.  While that is fun and sometimes actually works, the intuitive method of painting abstracts will give you a painting with some character – layer upon layer, building, rejecting, accepting, enhancing revealing something that absolutely is apart from the ‘plan’ at the start of the painting.   I follow the advice of top Intuitive Painters – Theresa Girard, Betty X, ZZZOOOO and others, and will share with you their methods and materials.

So come free yourself and enjoy!  Bring a bag lunch and an open mind.  It’s a journey, but what a rewarding one!



2 day workshop

Saturday & Sunday  Feb. 15 & 16 NEW dates!



a $35.00  materials fee payable to instructor
5 student min. /10 max. 

With a focus on intense and vibrant color, combined with a conversation about design and composition as we explore collage.
We will work with bright color.
We will explore ways to loosen and work with spontaneity.
We will generate small works that will form a visual vocabulary and finish with a piece that is approached in a slow organized process.

Geli plate printing to create a personal palette. 
Organize small compositions.

Create 1  20"x 20” collage.
I will provide all materials needed. Just bring your lunch.


Focus on the Landscape Sky w/ Liz Haywood Sullivan

3 day workshop

Friday, Saturday & Sunday  - March 20, 21 & 22

9AM- 4PM



The sky is the most emotional aspect of any landscape painting. It sets the mood, time of day and the attitude of the painting. In this studio workshop we will explore how to capture the character of the sky, from sunny and bright to moody with precipitation, from early day to brilliant evening. Work on techniques for clear skies and creating believable clouds. Each day will start with a demonstration and there will be plenty of daily individual instruction at your easel.    

 Liz Haywood-Sullivan, PSA-MP, IAPS/MC, is a representational artist specializing in pastel landscapes. Dedicated to working in the pastel medium since 1996, she teaches nationally and internationally, and is a sought after judge and demonstrator for pastel societies and arts organizations around the world. She is a President Emerita of the International Association of Pastel Societies (2013-2017) and is the author of the popular book Painting Brilliant Skies and Water in Pastel. Her pastel paintings have won numerous awards, have been featured in national, international and museum exhibitions, and are included in private and corporate collections worldwide.  www.lizhaywoodsullivan.com